About Us

As much as we enjoy making yards and landscapes beautiful, we love spending time with our families and doing what is closest to our hearts even more. At ProActive Landscaping we try to cultivate a family-centered atmosphere by having business hours that promote that. We believe in paying well and having retirement plan options. In our industry it is easy to take on work and stay busy while the sun is up. It is common to have crews working 10-15 hours per day. This may leave some more green in the bank account but at what cost? Not much is left in the tank for family and that is why we keep our work day to only 8 hours. Although we may not get to our jobs as quickly as our customers would like sometimes, there is a reason behind it.

Time once spent is gone and when Carl and I founded the company in 1999 we had a vision of doing something we loved to make time for things we love even more. We support the local church by serving and working in leadership and on staff. We also have a worldwide view of supporting our fellow man. We travel every chance we get and support non-profit missions around the globe. We support and have participated in local adoption and have found that there are many children right here in Oklahoma that are in need.

We also like recreation. Many of us have children now and have various sports and activities that we get to do with them. We also like to camp, rock climb, kayak, and enjoy the outdoors in addition to the hours we are able to be outside during our work.

The Proactive Story

Carl Hibma and Craig Blonsky are the founders and co-owners of the corporation. They first met working together maintaining a 93-acre college campus back in 1994. Their love of the outdoors caused a friendship to form and soon, while camping and rock climbing together they talked about starting a business of their own. That idea became a reality in 1999 when Proactive Grounds Management was born.

Combined with college courses in botany and many years of working on the campus of Rhema Bible Church the foundation had been laid. Since then both have been certified to install landscaping as well as Christmas Holiday lighting and have been doing it with 20 years combined experience. Craig & Carl along with the Proactive team have designed and installed some of the biggest landscaping and light displays in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa areas.

Our goal at Proactive Landscaping is to be the best outdoor lighting and landscaping company in Broken Arrow, and to always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations!

Craig, and his wife, Robin.

Craig, and his wife, Robin.