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  • How to Mow Your Lawn to Look Like A Professional Did It

    Have you ever looked at a professionally mowed lawn and marveled at just how good it looks? The grass on baseball fields and golf courses always seem to look so much better than you can ever get your front lawn looking. Now, you can use the same trade secrets that experts use to achieve that […]

  • How Outdoor Lighting Can Enhance Your Home’s Landscape

    Home-improvement TV shows are always emphasizing the importance of a home’s curb appeal. In fact, many Tulsa, OK area homeowners have taken important steps to improve the look of their home by enhancing the landscaping or refreshing the exterior of the house. Perhaps you have as well. But have you ever given any thought to […]

  • 4 Landscaping Choices That Will Save You Cash on Your Energy Bills

    Who doesn’t want a beautiful home with a gorgeous garden and foliage worthy of appearing on the cover of Home & Garden magazine? Although a beautiful landscape can appear as expensive as it is broad, that’s not always the case. Great landscaping is an art form, but it’s not necessarily as expensive as you might […]

  • 7 Reasons Landscaping Matters for More Than Just Looks

    A beautiful lawn can be an excellent status symbol. One that includes a perfectly manicured lawn and expertly trimmed hedges creates a fabulous sense of confidence because you know your property has to be one of the most attractive on the block. But because it might seem like no more than a cosmetic feature, some […]

  • Tired of Your Landscaping? Try These 10 Trending Updates in 2017

    Landscaping plays an essential role in making your house feel like a home. It’s an exterior expression of who you are and what you stand for. For that reason, it’s not something that can be done just once and locked in place for years to come. You may get tired of your initial landscape design […]

  • 8 Professional Landscaping Tips to Create a Dream Front Yard

    Homeowners understand that their front yards are critical to their home’s appearance. When we think about the elements of landscaping that constitute great curb appeal, it’s not enough to simply have a well-manicured lawn. We looked to well-known home improvement guru Bob Villa to get some professional tips on creating the front yard of your […]

  • Light It Up Right: 4 Tips For Installing Your Christmas Lights

    The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to deck the halls! Before you get on that ladder to start hanging your Christmas lights, though, take some time to prepare with these Christmas light installation tips. A great holiday display isn’t as simple as just draping some lights over your trees and […]

  • 7 Things Your Landscaper Wishes You Knew

    Professional landscapers can do some pretty amazing things with our lawns. They can transform a drab space into a wonderland or clean a neglected yard in days. However, they aren’t miracle workers. Some things about making your yard beautiful and inviting can be beyond their reach, although they might not say so to your face. […]

  • Installing a Water Feature: 3 Questions Homeowners Need to Ask First

    Your back yard should be an oasis where you can relax and enjoy spending time in nature, either with your family or in blissful solitude. And what’s the one thing every oasis needs? Water! Adding the refreshing sight and sound of water to your landscape is a great way to increase your property value and get more enjoyment […]

  • Make Your Outdoor Landscape Pop With These Easy Design Tips

    If your back yard looks the same as every other patch of grass on your block, make it stand out by adding a burst of color. Whether you’re looking for a few quick solutions or a whole new landscape design, incorporating pops of vivid color will add energy to your landscape and allow you to […]